P3Dv4 First Look

Do you know something about Lockheed Martin's Prepar3D, or an aircraft, panel, scenery or an add-on for it? Post information and links about them here.
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P3Dv4 First Look

Postby RichW » Thu Jun 15, 2017 4:55 pm

I installed P3Dv4 last week and spent a little time with it. There are many posts on other forums about so I won't rehash all those comments. For me (and most people) its all about the OOM's. I have most of the ORBX scenery, FlyTampa KTPA, FSDT GSX, KFLL and KIAH and UTLive. They all work in v4.

PMDG just released the B747and B777 and so far those are the only aircraft we can fly with SAX. I don't have the B747 but I will check out the B777 this weekend. Really looking forward to the B737. The AeroSoft CRJ should be out sometime this month but their A320 could be a month or two away. Same for the Majestic Q400.

One thing I did notice while flying around our hubs is the SAX AI no longer work. I suspect most of them are FS9 models which worked in P3D v3 but not v4. Most older AI aircraft have that same issue. It would be really great if those are updated. I love having our planes parked next to me at the gate and following them out for takeoff.

I expect to run P3D v3 along with v4 for at least another 6 months until all the addons I use are updated. Anyone upgraded to v4?

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Re: P3Dv4 First Look

Postby BearWhoTalks » Wed Aug 09, 2017 8:30 pm

I just did today. I haven't gotten all my scenery installed. I have Active Sky upgrade and FSUIPC version 5 installed. I also plan on keeping my version 3 of P3D. So far I think it is great.
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