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Ferry: Paint the Heavy

Posted: Wed Mar 21, 2012 9:40 pm
by David Vega
Announcing the latest Ferry: Paint the Heavy. SunAir Express has added winglets some of its B767-300ERs. With the winglets come a repaint. Still the same livery, but it will fix an error with the tail logo. Do you know what it is? Your mission is to ferry a newly modified B767 from our hub in Atlanta to be painted by a company in New Iberia, Louisiana. The New Iberia airport is KARA. They tell us the runway is long enough to even land a B747. Since you don't want to take chances, ensure your landing weight is just right, and that you know how much runway you will need to land. For an added challenge, fly there when the weather is not optimal (this is also known as Dave Blake weather).

We have four choices of aircraft for you. The links are included in the Ferry description in the POC.

For FS9 and FSX default, there's a SkySpirit2010 B767-300ER for each. The FS9 version uses a default 2D panel, but the FSX version uses a freeware B767 2D panel that even includes an Flight Management Computer (see the included documentation). No virtual cockpit in either of these.

If you have the Level-D B767 (payware), ensure you have the winglet version installed, then download either the FS9 or FSX repaint pack and use your repaint manager.

We also have to correct the tail logo in our B747s, so, as an option, feel free to fly one of our B747s instead. Just tell FSFK that you're flying a B747.

Feedback and bug reports are always welcome.

Let me also add a plug for those new E190 flights in Africa. I'm heading there soon. Want to see what's like to fly over there, including landing on some of those very high airports.