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Saitek FIP

Postby shackler781 » Thu Jul 24, 2014 12:52 pm

I finally caved and added a Saitek FIP to my home setup. And while not the most expansive upgrade, it has certainly added some key functionality. It is now possible for me to make approaches with nothing but terrain on my monitor. Many of the keyboard assignments I had mapped to a Tartarus pad next to me are now mapped to the FIP, providing heads-up access to key processes. And I now have a dial for altimeter settings so I can set it based on Active Sky data early on the arrival.

But, it is the customized nature of the device that gets the nerd in me giggling. For instance, I have replaced the stock Saitek adds that roll on startup with SAX screenshots (see below ). :lol:

This is a fun little device, and while I have no intention of expanding to more of these ($150 a pop), this one had already changed the way I sim.

I'll see you out there...
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