FS Craches To Desktops

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FS Craches To Desktops

Postby Pylet » Mon Jul 03, 2006 1:23 pm

If you have a lot of Crashes To Desktop (CTD) check on the following. Do you have any addon scenery or Project AI planes or have you added any AFCAD files? If you don't know what they are then you probably haven't. I had a problem with my AFCAD files where I had a duplicate and eveytime I selected the ATIS for KSFO my system would crash to desktop. I had to delete the duplicate file. But, if you did not install these type of modified airport files then you probably don't have that problem. Anyway, after crashing to desktop about 12 times before I found the fix I started using this file which lets you re-load your previous flight from the past 10 minutes in 1 minute intervals. If you had this at least you could have finished your flight and entered your data manually. Your FSACARS would have crashed but you still would get credit for your flight. Check out this file:

It's on this web page:


*AutoSave 1.501* <http> *with FS98/FS2000/FS2002/FS2004 support.* It will save flights ("STN" files) at regular intervals, so you can retry that crashed landing or quickly recover from other problems. December 24th 2004 (7 KB) (released Jan 2nd 2006)

I've had to use it once since installing it it works great.
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Postby Marty_Becker » Mon Jul 03, 2006 5:12 pm

Here's a utility to scan for duplicate AFCADs:

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