Getting Your Lost Files Back

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Dave Blake
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Getting Your Lost Files Back

Postby Dave Blake » Thu May 25, 2006 9:35 pm

Here is something I got from Rich Gasperin (SAX002):

I just have to share this with all of you in case you come into a similar situation.

A few weeks ago, my C drive (operating system) went belly up. I have all the latest virus, spam and everything else you could need protection, but that didn't help and probably wasn't the problem. Anyway, when my C drive went, it corrupted my D drive (backup...and both of these are 250GB drives) and everything that I had, pictures, downloads, newsletters, websites was gone!!! When I tried to access my D drive, I was "told" that the drive could not be found, would you like to "format it".

In my experieces with building PC's that's the LAST thing you want to do if you want to save your precious data. I was at my wits end thinking that everything...even with a backup...was lost.

The next day I checked out the internet for data retrievel organizations hoping I would find someone who could restore my data without breaking my bank account. I found one in Miami that would do the best they could for $150.00, with no guarantees. Others varied from that price range to in the thousand!!!! How valuable is your data? You'll find out when you think it's lost!

Then I found an organization that threw no punches as was right on (there website is at the end of this email). They have a FREE download. Download it, run it, and see if your files become visible. Well, I did just that...nothing to lose, just download the software, run it, and see if your files are still there.

Well, MINE WERE STILL THERE!!!!! I paid the paltry $49.00, downloaded the key to unlock the retrieval part and started the restore.

EVERYTHING CAME BACK!!!!! All my pics, downloads, newsletters, saved emails and addresses....EVERYTHING!

I very rarely post a positive comment on a website unless it really did it's job. I did and you can go there and read it. They saved my @$$ and my TIME!

Great company that stands behind it's committment. Pass the email address to everyone you know, because you have no idea who might be pulling their hair out over lost data.



oh, and here's their dot com.
Dave Blake - SAX212

Al O'Brien
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Postby Al O'Brien » Fri May 26, 2006 2:14 pm

Thanks for sharing that info. Have been using computers for longer then I like to admit and that is the best outcome of your worst computer nightmare that I have heard of ( the price sure is right). It seems amazing that the product has not been reviewed in some PC magazine of note but I can't recall ever seeing it.
It sure sounds like malware of some type, for it to migrate to another drive, a crash usually takes out one drive but not a second independent drive unless maybe a voltage spike could do it.

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