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FSACARS Test Flights

Postby Dave Blake » Tue Aug 11, 2009 10:46 am

If you do any test flights to see if FSACARS will send a log to the POC you must use a valid flight number from the SAX flight schedule. This test procedure is explained in the SAX FSACARS Setup and User Manual found in the SAX file library which was recently updated.

It doesn't matter what flight number you use as long as it is a valid flight number. You can enter any departure or destination in a test flight. After completing your test flight please contact me so I can remove the test flight's log from the POC and your log data.

If you use an invalid flight number the POC will reject the log and your FSACARS log data file will retain the FSACARS flight data memory. This will prevent you for sending any more logs to the POC until the data file that stores the information is deleted. This file is usually called SAXxxx.DAT (xxx = your pilot ID number).

Normally this SAXxxx.DAT file is deleted every time you successfully send a log to the POC. When your log is not received by the POC the data file will hold the log information and send it along with your next flight log. This is why sometimes after a pilot manually send a log to the POC the manually entered log data will appear in the POC after his next flight causing a duplicate log entry. If this happens please contact me so I can correct your flight log data.

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