"Tampered Log" Error

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"Tampered Log" Error

Postby Dave Blake » Sat Jul 07, 2007 5:07 pm

A "Tampered Log" error message can result in two situations:
- Changed log file;
- FSAcars crash after finishing a flight or when sending the log;

Any editing of the flight log between "Start Log" and "Send Log" seems to result in a "tampered log" error which will prevent the log from being sent. Do not change ANYTHING in the log once you select "Start Log". If you open the file and view it then it is tampered with. You don't have to edit anything, just opening will give this result.

The message means that the log file is corrupted. There are several possibilities:

1 - If it is after FSAcars instalation: Look in to the instalation directory. FSacars doesn't like strange directories;
Resinstall FSAcars in another directory and don't change the log directory in the options;
Delete the dat file

2 - If FScars is installed for some time it could be due to a crash:

Delete the dat file
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