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Welcome to SunAir Express!

SunAir Express Virtual Airlines is a dedicated hobby organization that uses computer flight simulation software to model the operations of an airline.

SunAir Express was founded May 1992 by James Martin Swanson (1936-1995) on the Prodigy Online Service.  SunAir Express later expanded to include CompuServe and American Online but is now solely based on the Internet.   Read More

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Recent News

20Sep2015 - New B747 KATL to KIAD Ferry Mission Flight.  Ferry a B747-400 from our Atlanta hub to Washington/Dulles (KIAD) for future Jumbo service out of this airport.  Ferry flights are found on the POC "Search Flights" page.
20Sep2015 - All terminal procedures (DP, STAR) on the dispatch form are now current with the latest AIRAC, 1510.
25Jan2015 - New SAX TeamSpeak server information and the IP changed.  READ MORE HERE.
04Jan2015 - New Poll: What is your preferred flight sim now for SAX flights?  VOTE HERE.
31Dec2014 - The SunAir Express web site received a minor redesign.  Please report any issues or typos HERE.

Past News