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SunAir Express Virtual Airlines is a dedicated hobby organization that uses computer flight simulation software to model the operations of an airline.

SunAir Express was founded by the late James Martin Swanson (1936-1995) on the Prodigy Online Service in May of 1992.  SunAir Express later expanded to include CompuServe and American Online but is now solely based on the Internet.

SunAir Express was set up as a regional airline with one hub at Tampa International Airport (KTPA) serving some 20 cities in the southeastern United States.  SunAir Express has since expanded to five hubs with more than 1600 scheduled flights to over 400 airports in the United States including Alaska and Hawaii, along with flights to Canada, the Caribbean, Mexico, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, and the Far East.  Read More >>

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Recent News

28Sep2014 - 28 new flights added increasing service in and out of KSAN - San Diego, CA.
10Sep2014 - PMDG B777-200LR SunAir Express and SunAir Europa livery import files for FSX are now available to download from the File Library.
23Jul2014 - 40 new flights added to SunAir Europa.  Focus cities are Madrid and Copenhagen.  Destinations range from sunny beaches to the northernmost airport in the world with public scheduled flights.
06Jul2014 - 40 new flights added in and out of KIAH Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport to some of our major destinations in the US.
27Jun2014 - iFly B737-800 SunAir Europa livery for FSX is now available to download from the SAX File Library.
26Jun2014 - 54 new B190 flights added to the SFO hub.  The flights are out of Denver and nearby airports.
24Jun2014 - David Loiseau SAX768 has passed the A320 checkride.
23Jun2014 - iFly B737-800 SunAir Express livery for FSX is now available to download from the SAX File Library.
22May2014 - Europe Hub flight schedule has been updated.  Read More >>
16May2014 - New B737 route: Denver - San Diego.   Also, McGuire AFB, NJ - Ramstein AB, Germany cargo flight.
11May2014 - New B737 route: Tampa - Denver.   Also, the Tampa - San Juan routes are now all B737.
19Apr2014 - New B737 routes: Atlanta -Memphis-Dallas.
13Apr2014 - B737-800 SunAir Express Cargo livery for FSX is now available to download from the SAX File Library.
12Apr2014 - B747 and B737 Cargo routes are now available on the POC Search Flights page.
07Apr2014 - New A320 SunAir Express livery for Aerosoft Airbus X Extended (FSX) is now available to download from the SAX File Library.
07Apr2014 - New B747F SunAir Express Cargo livery for FSX is now available to download from the SAX File Library.  A full-package Project Opensky freeware version and a repaint PMDG payware version are available.
05Mar2014 - New FSX AFCAD for St. Louis Lambert International KSTL.  Read More >>
21Feb2014 - New SAX B747 Cargo livery in the works.   Read More >>
07Dec2013 - Ken Baumgarten SAX009, at the age of 55 has died suddenly.  Read More >>
15Nov2013 - The IP address for the SAX TeamSpeak and FSHost servers has changed to
03Nov2013 - New Poll: What flight sim do you use now for your SAX flights?
27Oct2013 - BadWeather.com - Find bad weather conditions based on METAR reports.
12Oct2013 - Jeffrey Wiss SAX766 has completed his 2nd entry for the Around the World Club this week.
05Oct2013 - SAX now has CRJ7 service to Mobile, Alabama from Atlanta and Tampa.
17Sep2013 - Jim Tilley SAX741 surpassed 2,000 flight hours.
21Aug2013 - FS Flight Keeper v3.50 is now available.  Read More >>
20Aug2013 - Keep the Greaser indicator on the POC?  Read More >>
31May2013 - The CRJ2, B734 and B737 have been retired from the fleet.  Read More >>
14Apr2013 - The SAX TeamSpeak3 Server has been updated.   Your TeamSpeak3 Client will also need to be updated.  Read More >>
02Apr2013 - Rich Gasperin SAX002 Promoted to Command Captain rating.
17Mar2013 - The SAX Dispatch Form is explained.  Read More >>
17Mar2013 - Rich Gasperin SAX002 has joined the Around the World Club.
25Feb2013 - FSFK may report a time-out issue when sending flight logs to the POC.   Read More >>
20Jan2013 - The issue with the Route Map has been resolved.  Thanks Marty Becker!
07Dec2012 - The POC login issue appears to be repaired.  Please contact Dave Blake SAX212 if you experience a login problem.
18Nov2012 - Winter seasonal routes for SAX Europa have been activated.
14Aug2012 - New SunAir Express pilot: Clive Kent.
09Aug2012 - Shawn Hackler SAX781 surpassed 1,000 flight hours.
10Jun2012 - Returning SunAir Express pilot: Andrew Reynolds.
03Jun2012 - SAX livery for PMDG B737-800 for FS9 now available in the File Library.
03Jun2012 - SAX livery for iFly B737-800 for FS9 now available in the File Library.
02Jun2012 - SAX livery for Level-D B767 with winglets for FS9 now available in the File Library.
27May2012 - SAX livery for Level-D B767 with winglets for FSX now available in the File Library.
08May2012 - Berlin EDDT closes and Berlin EDDB opens 03Jun2012.  Click Here for important POC update info.
05May2012 - SunAir Express VFR Routes Poll.
29Apr2012 - SunAir Express 20 Year Anniversary Fly-in / 20May2012 / 3:00 PM EDT.
26Apr2012 - New summer seasonal flights for Zurich hub have been uploaded to the POC.
15Apr2012 - Links on the SunAir Express Weather Page updated.
05Apr2012 - New SunAir Express pilot: Zeke Elias.
22Mar2012 - NEW: "Ferry Flight the Heavy".  Read More
20Mar2012 - VATSIM Weekly Event: Toronto Tension Convention, Toronto Pearson International (CYYZ), Thursdays 7-10pm EDT/2259–0200Z.
18Mar2012 - New Flights from Nairobi, Kenya.  Read More
04Mar2012 - New full-install and repaint texture files for FS9 CRJ-700ER by Premier Aircraft Design in Skylink livery.  Visit the File Library to download.
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