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Welcome to SunAir Express!

SunAir Express Virtual Airlines is a dedicated hobby organization that uses computer flight simulation software to model the operations of an airline.

SunAir Express was founded May 1992 by James Martin Swanson (1936-1995) on the Prodigy Online Service.  SunAir Express later expanded to include CompuServe and American Online but is now solely based on the Internet.   Read More

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Recent News

21Apr2017 - Level-D 767 Ported to P3D.  Read More
13Mar2017 - New B747 cargo routes from St. Louis to Mexico City, Buenos Aires, Amsterdam, and Frankfurt.
18Feb2017 - New B737 routes from San Francisco to Memphis and new B777 routes from San Francisco to Japan, South Korea, and London.
03Feb2017 - POC Login Trouble using Chrome Browser and fix.  Read More
31Dec2016 - New Poll: Preferred Flight Sim for Your SAX Flights
18Dec2016 - New B777 routes from Zurich to Havana and Taipei.  Read More
07Dec2016 - New B737 routes to Cuba from KTPA, KATL, KIAD, and KJFK have been added.  Read More

Past News